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Our Parish Family Version 8

Our Parish Family Version 8

  • Comprehensive
  • Long Term Focused
  • Superior Design
  • Easy To Use

You have told us what you need and we have listened and provided you with the most comprehensive tool ever. We believe a Parish tool must help you in your mission as the front line workers of this great Church. Please keep us informed about various additions and improvements you would like to see in this tool to make it even more useful. We promise we will deliver! Together Everyone Achieves More.

If you are an existing user and wish to convert to Version 8, click here to schedule a time to convert your data and upgrade your program.

Family & Member Module

  • A place for important remarks
  • Preferred method of communication to facilitate communication by email.
  • The ability to keep track of needs by family as well as individual members
  • The ability to group families as you like.
  • Middle Name & Nick Name
  • The ability to mark the birth date as actual or estimated.
  • Date of birth is displayed on the family screen for family members.
  • The ability to sort differently the way the members are displayed on the first screen.
  • The ability to send email from family and member screen by double clicking on the email field.
  • Involvements are combined for ease of access while still allowing you to group them as ministry, committee, organization, social groups, etc.
  • Interests and talents are combined for ease of access while still be able to group them separately.
  • The ability to flag envelopes by type such as

Volunteer Management Module

  • An integrated module to manage all your ministries, organizations, committees and social groups.
  • All volunteers are managed in one place.
  • Conforms to requirements defined by Called, Gifted and Sent program.
  • Ability to send emails to a group of volunteers at once.
  • A place to record emergency contacts for volunteers.
  • A place to manage high risk ministry information.
  • Events & Celebration Module
  • Ability to manage recurring events and required ministries for each event.
  • The ability to schedule ministers for events
  • The ability to manage projects and required volunteers.

Visitation Module

  • The ability to manage visitation information.
  • The ability to keep track of call backs.
  • Ministry Schedule Management
  • The ability to record all schedules in the database.
  • Assistance in scheduling ministers for future celebrations and events.

Sacrament Module

  • Expanded sacrament screen to add more information about sacraments.
  • The ability to record sacraments for non-members.
  • Full featured sacrament registry module. The ability to search all sacrament records in one place

Contribution Module

  • The ability to flag tax receipts as Yes/NO/Immediate
  • Open pledge concept to manage contributions by direct deposit
  • The ability to manage all direct deposit donors and their multiple pledges with varying payment structures.
  • The ability to send contributions directly to a banking institution.

Fundraising Module

  • Full pledge fundraising module developed based on proven fund raising methodology.
  • Integrated with banking institutions for direct deposit payments.


There are several new reports added to version 8.0 in every module and the old reports were modified to provide more user control in selecting information. Here are some reports for your information.

Family profile report to print existing information and collect new and changed information. This will allow the parishes to keep their information current without burdening the Parishioners.

Sacrament certificates right from the database or merged with your own certificate.


  • Modularized and with better security.
  • Improved performance
  • Email Integration
  • Export functionality to various email Systems

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